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Thank goodness for French Fashion. 

I have been struggling to find maternity wear that I like, specifically a one piece swimming costume. I swim regularly and wanted something that would hold me, with all my blooming bumps, in and still look fashionable. I love keeping it local, but England has failed me terribly. So, in a moment of genius, I turned to France. Let me state that I speak French (I lived there for years as a child and it was one of my first spoken languages) but if YOU don’t, most of the websites that ship internationally have an EN (English) language option at the top of the page somewhere… and the few that don’t can be Google translated (God Bless Google).

So for any of you out there, tearing your hair out in frustration, let me encourage you to google the following words:

Grossesse        - Pregnancy
Maternité          - Maternity
Mode                - Fashion (use with grossesse etc)
Enceinte           - Pregnant
Maillot de bain  - Swimming Costume
Jupe / Robe     - Skirt / Dress
I could go on and on but use your Google translator if need be, to find the specifics you are searching for, or just browse around and you’ll learn new words as you go… shopping with a side of education! 

For anyone interested in the shots above:
~ (Black and White) Naos Swimming Costume by CacheCoeur
~ Red Dolce Vita Maternity Dress by Queen Mum from (delivers to the UK)
~ Blue Lagoon Swimming Costume by Made In Femmes from (which is an awesome website with very reasonable prices by the way and delivers to UK too for €10)

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